We expect this project to be one of the most ambitious undertakings for the growth and development of international business in Western Canada. In its initial stages, this project envisions a high-performance business center. Ultimately, the goal is to create Western Canada’s First Business Sport-Center.

Due to the magnitude of this project and the social impact of it, Sask United Premier-Sports Project as a non-profit organization is developing a strategic plan to partner with other public and private organizations to join in this venture, which will revolutionize the Canadian and International industries, putting Saskatchewan and Canada in the business map internationally.

Sask TTP Management is committed to make this project become a reality. We are convinced that working side-by-side with all members of the Saskatchewan and Canadian industry, together we will play a major role in internationalizing Canadian business talent to aim beyond the 2026 FIFA World Cup. We foresee that if we work together, Saskatchewan in the next 10 years will become the center of Canada’s multi-billion soccer industry.

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Source: Int Miami November 2018

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Source: Int Miami November 2018

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